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Task Management

Managing complexity

The nature of enterprise-level businesses is becoming steadily more complex as an in-creasing number of processes are deployed to cope with lengthening supply chains, and goods and services are sourced from multiple vendors. Managing these chains and quanti-fying their operation is a key task.

Connect teams, monitor performance, provide audit trails and more with Symbox’s comprehensive task management

Task management module

Provides the ability to define complex set ups betweenteams and organisations to further coordination between departments irrespective of geography. Also provides advanced privacy controls with ability to prevent sharing of sensitive data

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Performance monitoring

Realtime performance monitoring with proactive escalation. Automatic nudging to individuals or managers allows companies to get ahead of issues before they escalate.

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Provides comprehensive forensic visibility for audit into what actions were taken by whom and when, who had access to and/or amended sensitive data etc.

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Task management
Task management

Use cases

Task Management has a variety of critical use cases which can have a direct impact on the bottom line of large organisations. Here are just some of the ways Symbox customers are using it

Global management

Undertaking 5 million tasks per month for a global MNO’s top 50 corporate customers. Each has differing SLAs and contracts, and Symbox Task Management manages the chain to ensure contracts are fulfilled in the most optimised manner. Undertaken as a service.

Revenue assurance

Large telcos lose between 4 to 5% of their revenue through unforeseen problems. RA manages that globally and performs the tasks required to capture, calculate, and resolve each incident all within the platform. This saved one telco several hundred million dollars in 2019 alone.

Incident management

All incidents that affect a playout contract with a major broadcaster are reported and managed through the Symbox platform. Live dashboards for the broadcaster keep track of any service credits that are due back due to performance issues.