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Media & Entertainment

Enabling digital transformation

The digital transformation of the media supply chain is becoming an ever-more urgent necessity for media and entertainment organisations that are seeking to make operational efficiencies in an increasingly competitive environment.

Symbox provides an orchestration layer that connects the entire media and entertainment ecosystem to enable comprehensive end-to-end analysis.


An orchestration layer allows for the rich software in siloed processes to be connected, giving organisations a genuine end-to-end view of their processes from commissioning to billing and allowing for enhanced media management as a byproduct.

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A powerful presentation layer for the entire media and entertainment supply chain that provides ways to identify performance improvements in what can be a complex chain involving numerous suppliers, and better understand risks to key aspects and deliveries in the business ecosystem.

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Rights tracking

Provides a detailed picture of your content and its performance in increasingly complex markets. Allows for the maximum extraction of revenue from rapidly evolving distribution channels.

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Use cases

Symbox’s tools allow media and entertainment companies to realise efficiencies and improve complex workflows

Supply chain analysis

US broadcaster created a dedicated content delivery portal driven by Symbox orchestration to mitigate inconstancies in time and quality of ingested media. Resulted in up to 380 hours of regained internal media management time per month.

Improving accuracy

Content owner able to get costly error rate in VOD distribution metadata down to under 2% by moving from spreadsheets to Symbox application. Time to package and deliver re-duced by 45%.

Incident management

Creation of an abstract reporting layer to automate the monitoring of outages with accompanying analysis of SLAs and unambiguous cost implications.