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Business Performance Monitoring

Deeper understanding

Business processes generate a huge and growing amount of data; the key is understand-ing it and presenting it in a way that gives actionable insight.

Understand the strengths of your teams and analyse your weaknesses measured against KPIs with Symbox’s data solutions.

Self-serve analytics

Gives organisations the ability to create their own dashboards and prioritise the datasets that will give them the greatest insight into their own individual business circumstances.

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Live data

Provides realtime snapshots of business processes. Identifies issues as they are occurring rather than when it is too late for action.

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Standardised views

Based on our analysis of business usage, out of the box dashboards that reflect the most critical key data analysis points across the Symbox product range.

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Business Monitoring

Use cases

Symbox’s business analytics provide a range of powerful, actionable insights into complex systems for a wide range of customers.

Process improvements

A major vendor in the IoT space used Self-Serve Analytics to understand global team performance and understand when and why performance levels shifted. The result was a dramatic 20x improvement in start to finish order times.

Daily reports

Used by major US broadcaster to keep up to speed on complex schedule and production requirements. Provides an aggregated view of what is happening internally and externally for managers and ensures multiple projects proceed according to deadline.

Usage analysis

Data analysis applied to a pan-African project to understand peaks and troughs in demand and give predictive insight into when system needs to scale to accommodate surges.