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Business Process Optimisation

Be the most effective organisation you can be

Save time, reduce cost and create opportunities for your organisation by operating as effectively and efficiently as possible. Symbox’s Business Process Optimisation services help you review ‘As-Is’ business processes for improvements, whether that is by creating new processes or optimising existing ones. They highlight technology and business best practices, document and present on the ‘To-Be’, the new and/or optimised processes to come, and support the change management and training phases throughout the journey.

Symbox Business Process Optimisation delivers a complete review of your current processes, critically evaluating where productivity is low or where operations are under-performing. Working with your teams to collectively identify opportunities for improvement.

Create new processes

Once Symbox undertakes an analysis and identify inefficiencies, it can present recommendations for changes to business processes designed to optimise operational efficiency and to increase productivity.

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Leverage best practices

Symbox leverages its telecommunications and media and entertainment experience to help you incorporate best practices into your operations. It works with you to determine what methods best fit your organisation and provides a framework for their implementation.

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Clear, referenceable package of documentation that can support your transition to an optimised state. These documents can also support your development of future business cases and other analysis.

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Change support

Supporting your organisation through the change process to ensure a smooth transition to the ‘new normal'. Focus on setting measurable targets to clearly define a successful transition.

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Practicing BPO

Business Process Optimisation has become a pivotal aspect of IT governance
which utilizes different delivery practices.

These include:

Business Analysis
Business Process Management
Change Management and AGILE/Waterfall/SAFe

Identify actionable improvements

Symbox can help identify the activities that don’t add value to your business, assess what more efficient options might be, and assist in implementing them to save time and effort in the future.

Symbox leverages decades of subject matter expertise in telecommunications and media and entertainment, specialising in the following methodologies and processes: eTOM, Lean Six Sigma, Content Supply Chain, Order Management, Distribution, IT Service Management

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Optimising your business processes can help you to adapt to changes while improving your ability to deliver products or services. It will also help to ensure that your technology is aligned with your business goals to maximise your overall productivity.

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