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Connecting the dots

As the pace of change increases, retaining end-to end-insight into increasingly complex business processes is becoming more challenging. The average organisation we deal with has hundreds of separate applications, more including supplier and partner software, and connecting them together is vital for accurately understanding business performance.

Join your systems together faster than ever before and create new, efficient and automated workflows that can look after repetitive business processes.

Business rules

Automate the decision-making process, saving administration time, streamlining work-flows, and creating more time for higher-value tasks with an organisation. Particularly valuable to businesses that are looking to scale fast.

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Data management

Effective data management needs to be dictated by what the business needs. Symbox’s data management operates across many different departments and creates a flexible, abstracted view of the data that delivers genuine insight.

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Event driven

Symbox’s orchestration is not reliant on pressing a button but reactive to events happening within a company. This means it can be deployed flexibly rather than in a static, predefined manner, and its actions can be configured to respond dynamically to different conditions.

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Symbox’s orchestration tools allow our customers to monitor entire workflow processes and realise impressive efficiencies despite dealing with siloed applications and departments.

Content management

A US broadcaster uses Symbox orchestration to cover the entire content creation process from commissioning to delivery and uses business rules to automate 10 million decisions or more a month, 8 million of which are automated interactions with other systems. This frees up valuable time for more creative processes.

Global orchestration

Orchestrating work between global teams for a major MNO operating in the IoT space. Apart from sales, all aspects of a customer order are dealt with via Symbox, reducing time from order to delivery by 95%.

Connecting markets

Connecting two separate marketplaces with many companies running different systems, PAYG customers and banks in Africa for the sale of electricity generated by solar power. By providing a single interface and connection point for all PAYG providers, time from payment to light was reduced from 8 hours to 30 seconds