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Order to Cash Orchestration

Streamlining systems

Processing orders becomes increasingly more challenging as you grow and find yourself dealing with complex catalogues over multiple territories and business units
Streamline and automate customer delivery processes and overcome product portfolio complexity with Symbox orchestration

Genuinely end-to-end

Symbox automates the structured processing of the wide variety of solution and customer contract types all the way from initial order capture through to completion of onboarding and billing processes.


Manage complexity at scale

All solution types and contractual rules are mapped, ensuring that the relevant data is captured, validated, and workflow orchestrated to the right teams and organisations, regardless of where they might be located.


Implementing self-service

Customer end-users have the ability to place requests / orders via a self-service portal, simultaneously improving customer experience and reducing organisational resource effort.

Business Opt

Use cases

Symbox improves visibility and control of the end-to-end process, providing structure, automation, measurement and data-driven insights to power further process improvement initiatives.

Process improvements

A major vendor in the telecoms arena has been able to reduce onboarding time from 500 days to 28 days median, speeding up time to revenue and significantly improving customer experience with smoother, streamlined order orchestration processes.

Centralised operations

Provided a central order management platform that enables a major telco to manage its global catalogue for business mobile devices, accessories and services, including self-serve. Onboarding rate improved by 75% and order fallout reduced by 80%.

Efficient systems

A leading player in the IOT space saw a 94.4% process time improvement and >300% growth in volume without increase in manual overhead due to the smoother processes and reduction in manual effort and errors by the
orchestration of commercial bidding.